Cantina Todini


Rosceto Voc. Collina 29/1 06059 Todi (Pg), Italy

CANTINA TODINI is located in the heart of Umbria just a few minutes away from the lovely town of Todi. It takes its name from its founder Franco Todini, Knight of the Order of Merit for Labour, who started his business in the construction field during the 1960s. Construction had an important growth during the 1970s and during those years Agricola Todini was established, with a 120 hectare farm equipped with a 20 hectare vineyard, a small winery, livestock farming and a vast hunting ground. A 12th century manor house was added to the property in 1994, renovated and turned into a five-star relais in 1997: the Relais Todini. Both farm and winemaking had an important growth and for this reason a new winery, with a productive capacity of 4,000 hectolitres, was inaugurated in 2008. Luisa Todini, Franco's daughter, and her partner Stefano Russo took the control of the companies at the end of 2014, undertaking a significant renovation in the whole group of companies.


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