Castello di Volpaia


Volpaia 53017 Radda in Chianti (SI) Italy

The Castello di Volpaia was built in the 11th century as a fortified village on the Florence/Siena border. Although only part of the original protective walls and two of its six towers are still standing, the medieval layout and buildings within the village are still intact, making Volpaia undoubtedly one of the best preserved villages of its period. In 1250 Volpaia became an important part of the Lega del Chianti. One of the village’s most illustrious families were scientific instrument makers. The family took its surname from the village itself and during the renaissance Benvenuto and Lorenzo della Volpaia became famous. Not only was the latter a friend of Leonardo da Vinci but their instruments are still on view at the Science Museums in Florence and Greenwich, as well as the Adler Planetarium in Chicago and Palazzo Vecchio in Florence. Giovannella, Carlo, Nicolò and Federica: a family whose lives revolve around Volpaia. In fact, Volpaia is not so much a place as one of the family, giving and receiving the same love, nurturing and care as every other member. Giovannella, super-active and ever on the move rushes from Volpaia to all the main wine events in Italy and the rest of the world. Under the guidance of Carlo’s skills, where organisation and enterprise prevail, they have all found a life fulfilling project which is in keeping with their surroundings and although international, is deeply rooted in local traditions. Although Nicolò is a young executive building a career in Milan his presence is very much felt in Volpaia. Federica who’s enjoying great success as an art restorer in Florence, is always on standby and present at all the main events. Riccardo Cotarella has made his presence felt as consultant wine maker at Volpaia for the last few years. He has made a tremendous name for himself through his successes at a number of wineries with very varied requirements. He was elected “Enologo dell’anno 2000” by Gambero Rosso, “Winemaker of the Year 2001” by Wine Enthusiast Magazine and “Enologo dell’anno 2001” by AIS Rome.


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